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In my works on paper, I explore a continuous, mosaic-like stream of images: the remembered, imagined, and visibly present all exist together within this same stream of consciousness. As such, my visual language suggests an overlapping compression of time and space within the two-dimensional plane. Using a variety of media, I interpret the familiar, "everyday" world in a personal manner. The intimate act of drawing is at the core of my artistic process. Working on paper allows me to react in a direct way, much like writing in a diary. I spontaneously juxtapose my images and patterns upon the visual space, mixing the process of drawing with collaged pieces of my own artworks that are thick with acrylic paint, pencil and crayon—to create a richly textured visual surface. Within this surface are found the discovery, exploration, and free associations that comprise my artistic vision.
· My current works draw upon the rich text of urban spaces. These Urban Visualizations are imbued with a sense of place that spans across the specifics of time and location. I have been culling through and revisiting my older artworks: tearing, reassembling and layering the torn fragments of my visual stories into new images; and have unleashed a deep well of artistic resources—both physical and conceptual. In this way, my materials, as well as my imagery, retain the essence of older works, while taking on new perspectives. 
· My Frocks are painted, fabric assemblages—each one a portrait-like presence––that convey a narrative thread through found and saved memories.
· My drawings of musical instruments, my Colorsong book and my Finding the Song series express my deep attachment to the transformations of sound and text into visual imagery.