I started out as a printmaker. I completed a series of etchings at The Printmaking Workshop in NYC and won a Jerome Foundation Emerging Artist Award. One of my etchings is included in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum.

I soon found my way to other mediums and other materials. Using my printmaking apron and rags that were stiff with the colored inks of my etchings and lithographs, I created my first “Frock.” I put it on a painted hanger and suspended it from the ceiling. Many hanging frocks later and I had an exhibition of these sewn, painted fabric hanging assemblages at the Just Above Midtown Downtown Gallery in NYC.  I next won a “Workspace” grant from the New York State Council on the Arts and became the artist-in-residence at the Jamaica Arts Center in Queens, NY.  In my studio as artist-in-residence, I continued to work on and exhibit my Frocks, which evolved into wall assemblages.

Over the years, I have continued to explore different materials and ideas. I worked collaboratively with a choreographer and musician, using my original Colorsong artworks as the basis for a dance performance. My artworks continue to be featured in dance performances.

I now work on and with paper. I have ripped up, painted over and drawn on top of some of my old prints. I have torn apart old paintings on paper—peeling away layers of paint, revealing the ghosts of images—and then collaged the torn pieces into new works.

So now, here I am, still working at it. Revisiting, re-doing, re-working, and creating new works. Sometimes I peel away the paint until I have a blank sheet of paper. And I start again. It is a life-long exploration.

My world is both playful and thought provoking. I title my works to reflect my thought process and poetic imagery. This is my way of bringing my inner thoughts outward, creating my own visual language. What you find, is up to you, the viewer.